Notice is hereby given to all Legal Practitioners interested in offering po-bono legal service with the Legal Aid Council to register their names with the Legal Aid Council in their respective states. Section 14 of the Legal Aids Act empower the Council to have Panels of Legal Practitioners willing to act for persons receiving legal aid (whether gratuitously or otherwise),

Section 15 (1) of the Act also empowers the Council to pay a legal practitioner or other legal service providers who has acted for a person receiving legal service for so acting by the receipt of certain legal aid Fund and the legal practitioner or legal service provider shall not be entitled to payments charge or recover from a legally assisted person any amount-

(a) by way of costs in respect of work assigned by the Council to a private legal practitioner on behalf of that person; or

(b) by way of disbursement incurred on behalf of that person in connection with that work except with the approval of the Governing Council.

The Legal Aid Council is embarking on the collation of names of lawyers interested in pro-bono services and we urge our colleagues to take advantage of this.

Please find attached the form for registration and the list of the addresses of State offices for ease of submission of the forms.

Joyce Oduah,FICMC

General Secretary and Director/Board Member, Legal Aid .