Having carefully read the opinion by amiable Bar leader and former 2nd vice President of NBA, Mr. M.O Ubani on The NBA General Elections 2020: Is Lagos Branch Being Greedy? I humbly beg to differ thus:

Instead of seeing the political consciousness of the NBA Lagos branch as an act of greed, I would rather see it as a virtue and motivation to members of other branches and therefore advise that efforts be chanelled towards awakening the political consciousness and service driven zeal of members of other branches to be politically conscious, by encouraging their members who are willing and ready to serve to vye for national offices. I am glad that my amiable leader, M.O Ubani admitted to the unimpeachable competence of the respective aspirants from NBA Lagos branch and did not also state anything disqualifying any of them.

It is also pertinent to note that the selected offices as provided for in the 2015 NBA constitution are vied for among other things on the basis of the candidate’s State of Origin and not the Branch or place of legal Practice of the candidate.

I am not also unmindful of the fact that my amiable leader M.O Ubani canvassed his position so as to pave way for his choice candidate for the position of NBA General Secretary, who I am sure is not from NBA Lagos branch; I do not with the greatest respect think that this is the best way to canvass for such support by whipping up this kind of bias and sentiment, which an objective player in the forthcoming election would discountenance easily for lacking in merit.

Ike Augustine, Esq.
NBA Owerri Branch.

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