What a group of lawyers supporting a particular presidential candidate in the NBA election want to achieve with a petition by Mrs Kehinde  Dunmole dated the 13th of August 2018 when they posted it on facebook is apparent to those who know their leanings and appalling to those who do not know them. They are strong supporters of one of the Presidential Candidates running for the election of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

They will be regretting their action just 24 hours after they put up the malicious post as lawyers across the country have started to lambast them on what they consider a cheap blackmail. They have put what is remaining of the dwindling political life of their pay master on a further free fall as Paul Usoro,the man they intend to malign has gone up in popularity in the past 24 hours.

They have been struggling to keep their preferred candidate afloat after many lawyers left in droves in support of Paul Usoro when they discovered the real reason and people behind Afam Osigwe’s disqualification. To further complicate their case, Lagos Lawyers came out in an event called the Ultimate hangout in support of Paul Usoro. Ever since, the supporters of his candidate have known no peace.

On the 13th of August, a woman known as Mrs Kehinde Dunmoye sent a petition to the Nigerian Bar Association against Mr Usoro and his law firm for filing a notice of appeal to the Supreme Court in a matter that originated from the National Industrial Court which Paul Usoro neither filed nor appeared in.

The said woman has spent a good volume of her ink (in her petition which sounded like one crafted by a lawyer) casting aspersions on the person of Paul Usoro SAN who again neither filed the suit nor appeared in it.of Course the intention behind the petition is obvious,Paul Usoro is running for the position of the NBA Presidency and desperate people are doing everything to stop him.

How they obtained the original copy of that petition addressed to the President of the Nigerian Bar Association reveals how porous, partisan and malicious the NBA Secretariat has become.

Those who leaked the letter to them unknowingly played a fast one . They ran with it before they realised that they have been scammed. They posted on facebook, circulated on lawyers whatsapp groups and all other social media groups in order to discredit Mr Usoro and give advantage to  their adopted candidate, unfortunately, it backfired as lawyers became agitated and began to question why they did not spot the obvious reasons why they shouldn’t have ran with it.

The NBA 2018 election has been characterised by bitterness, rancour and calumny. The man at the receiving end has been Mr Usoro whose popularity grew with every mud thrown at him.

Many lawyers are beginning to question why some lawyers will celebrate over a petition written against another Lawyer in respect of a matter he did not appear in. It is more puzzling to see lawyers use such a letter to score political points in an election like that of the NBA when the matter in question is sub judice. Lawyers across the country have shown their disapproval of this action which has ridiculed the profession and painted a picture of desperation on the part of those who have shared the petition.

They were so much in a hurry to inflict malicious damage that they did not bother to check the records of the court to see the lawyers on record and the decision that warranted the appeal to the Supreme Court. They were so much in a hurry that they have ended up digging a bigger hole to bury the ambition of the man they intended to give advantage .

The rancour in the election has united lawyers instead of dividing them. Lawyers are beginning to speak out against such acts of desperation which brings the bar into disrepute. In the past 24 hours since the letter was circulated,lawyers have condemned openly the intentions of those who shared it.Some who have not supported Mr Usoro in the election have called in to pledge their support. One  member of the bar who called in at 10 :43 am this morning to Mr Paul Usoro’s campaign organisation said that he will be voting  for Mr Usoro as a protest to the campaign of calumny deployed by his opponents against him and as a show of gratitude to Mr Usoro who has so far maintained a decent campaign.

The mood in Paul Usoro’s campaign group is that of a happy one.One member of the group said that they are happy for the attacks because any  attack on Paul Usoro usually come with an increase in his support base .However,he expressed his concern over the desperation that has characterised the election and warned that the scars it will inflict on the profession may be there for a long time.

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