This issue is a serious one and we should have a position as a professional body that frowns at such unethical practices. I had predicted that it will become even more topical this March simply because the last day for payment of BPF is the 31st of March.

Some candidates in the forthcoming election, lacking in character and dignity are already engaging in this unwholemsome practice with the aim of obtaining the data of these young lawyers in order to warehouse their votes.

The society already view lawyers with contempt and our esteem has been lowered as a profession, yet, some desperate money bags intends to rub more salts on our injury by deploying stomach infrastructure system of the conventional politicians to hoodwink young wigs.

In my view and without prejudice to alternate views on the point I believe, and these are my personal thoughts on the matter, our responses in countering these money bag bar men should include the following position:

  1. Payment of BFP by an aspirant is an insult to the intelligence of young lawyers.
  2. Payment of BFP by an aspirant is vote buying and an unethical act.
  3. Payment of BFP by an aspirant cheapens you as a young lawyer and it’s essentially corruption.
  4. Payment of BFP by an aspirant makes it impossible for that aspirant to be held accountable if he/she eventually wins.

Say No to any aspirant who wants to stifle your freedom to choose by paying your BFP at election time.

Just pay your BPF by yourself with your own money and have your dignity intact!!

My personal thoughts….


Amos Madu

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