In preparation for the coming general elections, the NBA has constituted a committee at the national NBA level to monitor and report on the elections.


  1. I am pleased to announce the constitution of a Committee, at the National NBA Level, made up of the underlisted members, to monitor and report on the 2019 National Elections.

Nos….Name… Gender…. Position

Osun Governorship Elections (“Osun Monitoring Committee”) that were held in

  1. Mazi Afam Osigwe…. M…. Chairman
  2. Olalekan Thanni… M…. Member
  3. Ato J Bulus…. M… Member
  4. Rosemary N Emovon… F… Member
  5. Samuel Atung… M…. Member
  6. Adamma Isamade F Member
  7. Abiye Tam-George… F… Member
  8. Saliu O Jimoh… M… Member
  9. Mohammed Muntasir Adamu….M…. Member
  10. Mukosolu Okafor… F…. Member
  11. Olanrewaju Obadina… M… Member
  12. Moses Ede….M… Member
  13. Samuel Obot…. M…. Member
  14. Abibat Delayo Oriekun…. F…. Member
  15. Endung Anthony Idoko…. F…. Member
  16. Barbara Omosun…. F…. Member
  17. Prince Igaja…. M…. Member
  18. Adija Abok Nyam…. F…. Member
  19. Chioma Unini… F…. Member
  20. Isah Abubakar Aliyu…. M…. Member
  21. Habeeb Lawal Akorede…. M ….Natl Asst. Publicity Sec
  22. Liman Salihu…. M…. Secretary. 2. Prior to their appointment, I spoke on this assignment with each of the afore-listed Committee members and I thank them for agreeing to serve. I thank in particular, Mazi Afam Osigwe, for accepting to serve as the Chairman of the Committee. The 2015 National Elections were conducted during his tenure as the General Secretary of the NBA and it is the experience and skills that he garnered at the time in monitoring those Elections, amongst other attributes, that recommend him for this assignment. 3. Almost all our colleagues that served in our Monitoring Committee for the

September 2018 have been reconstituted into this enlarged National Committee. The

Osun Monitoring Committee did the NBA very proud in all respects and we are

building on the credibility of that team and their report of that Election in carrying

out the present assignment.

4. In each State of the Federation (the Federal Capital Territory inclusive), we

have, in collaboration with the Branches in the States constituted monitoring

committees that would work with the National Monitoring Team in monitoring and

reporting on the Elections in the respective States. We thank the Branches for their

support and assistance in carrying out this national assignment and count on the

professionalism, devotion to duties and patriotic spirit of the constituted teams in

the various States.

5. The National Monitoring Team will operate mostly from Abuja but would

maintain direct and unbroken communication with the feeder teams in the various

States of the Federation. National Officers and our Secretariat personnel will also be

on hand to assist both at the State and National levels. Our members with ideas and

suggestions for the teams are welcome to pass them on either directly to the

Chairman of the National Committee or through our National Secretariat.

6. The task before the Committees is enormous but we have confidence in the

teams that we have constituted both at the national and State levels and we assure

Nigerians that the NBA will live up to its reputation for fact-based reporting, non-

partisanship, integrity and objectivity in its monitoring of the Elections, not any

different from our monitoring and reporting of the Osun Governorship Elections

which remains a Nigerian reference point in election monitoring and reporting.

Paul Usoro, SAN


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