The Nigerian Bar Association, has been informed by the Chairman of the Onitsha branch of the NBA, Mr. Ozoemena Erinne, of the unprovoked, undignified, degrading,
shameful, disgusting and unprofessional conduct of officers of the Nigerian Police Force over the grievous assault inflicted on its member Ogbonnanya Jacob Obasi Esq., in the afternoon of Friday, October 11th, 2019.

The Chairman stated that the “Branch was reliably informed that the only offence committed by O.J. Obasi Esq, was, as a concerned citizen, attempting to intervene when he sighted a citizen being pummeled by some police officers on uniform, at Osuma Bus stop, Awka Road, few meters away from their law firm.

The intervention to stop the beating up and brutalisation of a fellow Nigerian, obviously irked the overzealous police officers, who mercilessly pounced on him, and viciously attacked him (including hitting him with the Butt of their gun), as shown in the video footage.

He is currently undergoing treatment at the General Hospital, Onitsha, for aggravated bodily injuries sustained in the process.

In view of the above, the Premier Bar has vowed to urgently take up this matter, and indeed has taken some immediate steps, to serve as deterrent to other police officers and men, and as well, serve the purpose of formal justice.”

The NBA President, Paul Usoro,SAN has directed that all neccessary and appropriate actions be taken to ensure that our colleague gets justice against the assault inflicted on him by the Nigerian Police. The NBA shall keep members informed of further developments in respect of this matter.

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