The Chief H.O. Ogbodu led Investigative Committee on a Petition written by the Welfare Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Benin Branch -the Lion Bar, has dismissed a Petition written by the Welfare Secretary of the Branch -Fidelis Eireye.

The Committee indicated that it received written and oral evidence from the Petitioner, Fidelis Eireyi. The Chairman of the Branch, Prince Collins Benson Ogiegbaen A.I.C.M.C, the Secretary, Pius I. Oiwoh, AICMC and the Treasurer- Mrs. Uwa Otabor on the allegations of the Petitioner that the Chairman and Secretary are forcing the Treasurer to sign Cheques and that the Welfare Secretary is not being allowed to function. The Committee states that the Treasurer rebutted the allegations of the Welfare Secretary that she is being forced to sign Cheques, as there was no iota of truth in the allegations.

The Committee finds that the Petition of the Petitioner is frivolous and lacks merit as the Petitioner could not substantiate his wild allegations.

The Committee states that realizing that his Petition has failed, the Petitioner sought to withdraw his Petition for which the Committee asked him to put it in writing, but he failed refused and neglected to do so .

The Committee deprecated the act of the Petitioner of writing the Petition to the NBA President, stating that the Legal Practitioners and Disciplinary Committee of the NBA has stated in the case of Nigerian Bar Association v. Princess Patricia Iyomoh that NBA Branches are independent and autonomous.

The Committee made following recommendations:
1. That the Petition be dismissed for lack of merit
2. That the Failed Petitioner apologises to the Chairman, Prince Collins Benson Ogiegbaen A.I.C.M.C and Secretary, Pius I . Oiwoh for his unfounded allegations.
3. That the Welfare Secretary retracts his Statements he put in all the NBA Benin WHATSSAP PLATFORMS and all Social Media Platforms.
4. That the Welfare Secretary be reinstated in all Platforms, which he stated has already be done.

The Committee Report was signed by the Chairman of the Committee-Henry Oghogho Ogbodu SAN, Mrs. Dupe Ojo, Dele Abina-Members and Victor Ohosiuma -Secretary.