ELEVEN lawyers have been elected to serve on the new council of the Namibia Law Association.

According to a media statement by the council’s chairperson, Yolanda Itamba, the 11 legal practitioners were elected during the association’s annual general meeting on Friday.

They will serve for a period of two years ending in November 2022.

The council serves as the executive organ of the association and governs, controls and administrates the affairs, activities and assets of the association, Itamba said.

The elected members are Itamba, Taswald July, Gaenor Michaels, Nafimane Halweedo, Ileni Gebhardt, Jack Eixab, Saima Nambinga, Adda Angula, Vistorina Name, Henry Shimutwikeni and Esther Shigwedha.

“The members of the governance council are all lawyers who serve the legal fraternity in various roles and capacities,” the statement read.

The Namibia Law Association is a juristic person which was founded on 15 April 1995 as an organised voluntary body of lawyers, hailing predominantly from disadvantaged communities in Namibia.(namibian)

With Namibia having gained its Independence on 21 March 1990, five years after Namibia’s Independence a group of 22 progressive lawyers namely; His Lordship Deputy Chief Justice Petrus Damaseb, His Lordship Justice Herman January, His Lordship Justice Boas Uusiku, Dr. Albert Kawana, Advocate John Walters, Advocate Esi Schemming-Chase, Advocate Gerson Hinda, Mr. Dirk Conradie, Mr. Sigfrid Tjijorokisa, Mr Deidre Sauls, Mr Richard Metcalf,Mrs Evaryu Goites, Mrs Marlene Dammeril, Mr Mildred Hendriks, Mrs Ingenesia Koiyo, Ms Albertina Muthilitha, Mrs Luci Amutenya and Mr JP Karuihe formed an association called the Namibia Law Association. Its primary function was restorative justice with a specific interest in ensuring that the legal profession accommodates and advances previously disadvantaged persons within the profession and further cause to protect their interests in order to achieve the object of the Bill of Rights as enshrined in Chapter 3 of Namibia’s Constitution.

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