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Myanmar failed to prevent grave human rights violations against the Rohingya minority, top UN genocide prevention officials said on Thursday.

UN Genocide Advisor Adama Dieng and Protection Advisor Ivan Simonovi, in a statement, called on the international community to take action.

Dieng and Simonovic said the Myanmar government had failed its “responsibility to protect” the marginalised Muslim group from organised attacks and expulsion at the hands of security forces.

They said in a statement that was distributed in Geneva that the international community has equally failed its responsibilities in this regard.

According to the UN rules on the “responsibility to protect,” the international community must try to end atrocities through diplomacy if the country in question does not stop them itself.

As a last resort, the UN Security Council can impose sanctions or order a military intervention.

Since August, more than 580,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh amid a crackdown on insurgents in Myanmar’s Rakhine region.

The UN Human Rights Office has concluded that authorities of Buddhist-majority Myanmar are engaged in a deliberate campaign of killings, rapes and destruction to drive the Rohingya out of the country.

“Once again, our failure to stop atrocity crimes makes us complicit.

“When will we live up to our countless promises of ‘never again,” Dieng and Simonivic said.

The term “atrocity crimes” is used in UN parlance to cover genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


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