Wife, 23, reveals her beau wants something to ‘remind him’ of his former flame – and she’s now considering divorce.
The woman, who is seven months pregnant, revealed on Reddit on Friday, that her husband is insisting on naming their unborn child after his ex.

Divorce is now on the table for the couple, with the husband wanting something ‘to remind him’ of his former lover.

‘My husband insists on naming our child after his ex’: A 23-year-old woman (not pictured), has revealed her partner wants something to ‘keep reminding him’ of his former flame.
The post titled ‘Divorce on table because husband and I can’t agree on baby’s name’, saw the woman going into detail about her rather unusual situation.

‘Hello Reddit. This title might look funny but it’s an actual problem between me, 23-year-old female, and my husband, 24-year-old male,’ she began.
‘We’ve been dating for a year, been married for two years. I got pregnant seven months ago, so recently we started discussing name for the baby.’

But while choosing names is already tricky in itself, the woman did not expect her husband to insist on taking his ex-girlfriend’s name.

‘Not any ex, the one he dated for a long time’: The woman, who is seven months pregnant, revealed on Reddit how her husband is insisting on naming their unborn child after his ex.
‘Ever since we found out it’s going to be a girl, my husband wants to name it like his exes name. It’s not any ex but the one he dated for long period of time and loved the most,’ she revealed.

The woman went on to explain the problems his ex-girlfriend caused in the early stages of their relationship.

‘In the beginning of our relationship we had many problems because of her, but she moved away, so the problems went away. He really loved her and he never hid that from me, but I thought it was over once she moved away,’ she said.

‘Now he made it clear that he wants the baby to have that name and I can name the second child,’ she added.
As for his reasoning, the woman said her husband is insisting on taking her name, as he wants ‘something to keep reminding him of her.’
‘He doesn’t understand how much it’s affecting me and keeps saying it’s just the hormones,’ she lamented.
Reddit users took to the comments section to offer their thoughts, with many highlighting the lack of respect her husband has.
‘I’m more concerned about his lack of respect for you as his partner, his number one, his wife,’ wrote one.
To avoid divorce, dating expert and author Debbie Rivers told FEMAIL that the woman needs to make her feelings known to her husband.
‘They need to really talk about it and she needs to tell him exactly how this makes her feel, and how it will affect their child. Every child will ask why you chose their name and that is not a healthy story to tell,’ Ms Rivers said.
Ms Rivers went on to suggest the woman ask her husband how he would feel, should the situation be reversed.
‘If he had to call his son the name of the man that she loved the most, how would he feel to be reminded on the daily, and what consequences would it have on how he might feel about his son?’ Ms Rivers said.
‘By asking him how he would feel, it allows him to see the situation clearly to see how disrespectful it is,’ she added.

Source: Daily mail

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