A mother took her daughter to TV court for having sex on her bed — and breaking it, no less.

“My partner and I went away for a week and Rhiannon was house-sitting for us,” says mom Nicole on the Australian “Judge Judy” equivalent, “Trial by Kyle.”

Nicole told Rhiannon — neither of whose last names or ages were mentioned — to take the spare room, but when she got back, it was clear that Rhiannon had taken the master bedroom instead, the Mirror reports.

“When we returned, the house was a mess, and when I went upstairs to my bedroom, I discovered that my bed was broken,” Nicole says. “I felt very violated by the fact that she broke it, and didn’t actually care that she broke it.”

On the show, she demanded her daughter pay her $2,099 for a replacement bed.

“You broke the bed, you pay for the bed!” she yelled.

The situation has strained the mother and daughter’s relationship to the point that they barely talk to one another.

“I’m getting married in nine weeks and she’s supposed to be my bridesmaid, and we can barely speak two words to each other because of her lack of responsibility,” Nicole says.

Rhiannon isn’t shy about the night of “intense passion” that snapped the wooden slats on her mom’s bed. When Judge Kyle asked her why she didn’t “bang in the other bed,” she responded that “my other friends were in that bed.” Still, she insisted she shouldn’t have to pay.

Ultimately, Judge Kyle took Nicole’s side.
“Rhiannon, really you’re responsible for breaking your mother’s bed,” he ruled, having her pay her mom’s full demanded price. In addition to a lack of responsibility, Kyle disciplined Rhiannon for her lack of taste.

“On Mum’s bed? Darl, that’s the least romantic place I could imagine being with someone,” he says.

After being sentenced, Rhiannon continued to insist it wasn’t her fault from outside the courtroom while the cameras rolled.

“I have heard things that you cannot unhear as a daughter,” she says. “My mum most definitely contributed to the breaking of that bed.”


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