The Minister of State for Environment, Mrs Sharon Ikeazor, has condemned the bush burning practice in Nigeria as it contributes to climate change.

According to her, climate change results in excessive heat, drought, rising sea level and unhealthy climate conditions.

Ikeazor spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on the sidelines of a Climate Change Conference in Lagos State.

According to her, the enforcement of extant environmental laws by states will go a long way in arresting bush burning.

The theme of the conference organised by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) was: “New Deal for Nature and People, Nigerian Businesses for Nature’’.

The two-day event to solicit the support of the private sector in climate change crusade.

The minister, who was the Special Guest on the occasion, told NAN that,” The practice of bush burning by way of making room for crop planting or for any other purpose is unhealthy and a threat to the environment.

“We need to adopt better scientific methods in conducting our domestic and commercial activities with recourse to a sustainable environment.

“The bush burning act is not in any way beneficial to the ecosystems rather it diminishes the soil nutrients and causes harm to the ozone layer by depleting it and exposing life to direct rays of the sun.

“There are already existing laws in the states to correct this; what is needed is for those regulations to be put to use by way enforcement this absurdity will end.

“A person might carry out the act of bush burning but the consequence is universal and it affects those that are not involved in the act, the crusade against climate change is for everyone,” she said.

She expressed regrets that such practices were still going on in Nigeria and advised those involved to stop and cultivate the new world order of “green ecosystem’.

The minister charged the Nigerian corporate world to be environment-friendly in their business activities and asked state governments to protect the environment by discouraging bush burning.

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