The election of the law society of Kenya(LSK) was held yesterday. Allen Gichuhi and Harriete Chiggai were elected President and Vice President respectively.

Maria Mbeneka a well known and reputable lawyer in Kenya was elected as a council memberof LSK. Her moving appreciation message to Kenyan Lawyers is receiving significant interest among members of the Law Society of Kenya. Below is her message:

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“This a personal and heartfelt thank you for each and every one of you who stood by me, supported, encouraged and most importantly voted for me.
This election has taught me resilience, I have learned to value my colleagues that much more; I have realised that members of LSK value their society and it is for that reason they came out and voted for their candidates.
I am honoured and humbled by the overwhelming support from you my colleagues. You have entrusted me with your mandate to provide leadership as a Council Member and for that I thank you and I commit to be accountable and deliver on behalf of the Law Society of Kenya.


This race was tough and I want to congratulate Herine Kabita for a deserved win. Congratulations on your election as Council Member as well.

Eric Theuri you are a strong competitor, a worthy candidate and erstwhile lawyer, it didn’t happen this time but you were every step of the way greatly supported and you still are a leader in your own right.
My colleagues and friends, Wilkister Nyangito, Moses Mugo, ⁨Harriet Njoki Mboce⁩ well done for running a solid campaign, this was a tough race and I am proud to have run the race with you all. God bless you.
To Allen Waiyaki Gichuhi congratulations on your election as President of the Law Society of Kenya you ran a good race.
Harriete Chiggai congratulations on your election as Vice President of the LSK, you did well.
Roseline Odede, well in my Senior!
Carolyne Kamende Daudi Aluso Ingati and Counsel Bonfesc Akusala the members have spoken. A hearty congratulations on a well deserved win. Kazi kwenu.
David Njuguna Njoroge Ndinda Kinyili Ng’etich Kipkoech Bernhard and Jane Masai you have the members mandate, congratulations!
The unopposed Mombasa Representative Eric Nyongesa Wafula the council is constituted now.

The elected Disciplinary Tribunal members, Anna Konuche, Gladys Wamaitha, my former teacher Professor Wabwile your work is cut out for you.
Joy Mdivo, Dorothy Jemator Ekaterina Handa your hearts were in it, you gave ot your best shot. It wasn’t to be this time, but who knows about tomorrow? Trust your journey.
My good friends Omwansa Okenyo George Amanya Cohen you ran a good race, your category was a nightmare but you fought gallantly.
My friends, you’ve liked, shared and cheered me on, through every post and stop across the country. Thank you for putting up with my campaign posters and pictures?
To my Family ❤thank you for walking this journey with me, your love, encouragement prayers and warm wishes kept me going throughout the campaign to the very end. God bless you.
My super amazing squad and team (You know yourselves ??) you are a special group of people we have been through a lot together.

Thank you once again!”

1 thought on “Maria Mbeneka sends a moving appreciation to Kenyan lawyers after election win

  1. Congratulation law society of Kenya, for having a successfull transition.Now that Mr.Allen is to Lead the society, may I for my self and on be half of H.A.Saleh and Co . Law Firm. extend my gladness and prayer for fruitful and excellent tenure.

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