A naked man is accused of beating a Peeping Tom to death after the perv spied on him having sex with his girlfriend through a window.

Victor Vickery was arrested on a manslaughter charged by Fort Lauderdale police after the probe into the death of Assad Akar.

The 57-year-old was allegedly standing outside the window of his girlfriend’s home.

Sgt Steven Novak said Vickery had told the cops he was in bed with his girlfriend Samantha’s Hobi.

The couple then claimed they heard scratching on the window while they were “getting intimate”.
Vickery claimed this had happened on a previous occasion while he with his partner.

The man is said to have run outside naked and barefoot to confront Akar.

A brawl then broke out, and Vickery claims the older man got on top of him and began to choke him.
He told cops he feared for his safety during the brawl in July, 2018.

Vickery alleged that Akar lunged at him and had exposed himself at the property.

Samantha called the police and in a three-minute 911 call she can be heard saying “that’s enough”.

Akar died in hospital two hours later of blunt force trauma to his head and body.
Police said in the arrest report that Akar had previous history of being caught peeping into windows.

Sgt Novak said the girlfriend told officers she hit the Peeping Tom with a shovel – but she then withdrew the statement.

Vickery, from Delray Beach, Florida, is being held in relation to the killing on $100k bond.
He has only been arrested now after a more than year long investigation.

The 30-year-old has previously been arrested for domestic violence, car theft and unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

And just one month after he is accused of killing Vickery, he is alleged to have sexually assaulted another woman.

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