More recently, traffic cops in Delhi’s Sheikh Sarai area were on carrying out a drive against drunken driving when they caught one man named Rakesh.

After a breath alcohol test, it was found that Rakesh had a 200 mg level against the permissible limit of 30 mg. The cops soon slapped a fine of Rs 11,000, along with other violations like not producing registration papers.
When the cops said that his his bike was being impounded as per law, Rakesh, in a fit of rage, pulled out the fuel pipe of his bike – which cost him Rs 15,000 – and set it on fire.

When fire team was called in to douse the fire, police arrested Rakesh. Now, apart from paying up the hefty challan amount, he will also be punished under sections of mischief under explosive substance. On Thursday, Joint Commissioner of Police (traffic) Narendra Singh Bundela, said in a letter that all the traffic police officials will have to pay double the fines set under the amended law (Motor Vehicle Act, 2019) for breaking traffic rules, whether driving official or private vehicles.
According to the newly-amended Motor vehicles Act, there is a penalty of Rs 10,000 for drunk driving while Rs 5,000 for riding without driving licence.

Source: India Times

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