A man has pleaded guilty to outraging public decency after being found by train station staff drunkenly having sex with a plastic cone.

Trevor Smith, 38, was seen sitting in a lift at the station with his trousers and underpants around his ankles with a cleaning cone lap and “thrusting his hips”.

A court heard how a Virgin Trains team leader saw a drunken Smith sitting on the floor with the cone turned upside down on his lap through a window in the lift at around 9.30pm on April 14.
When he opened the door, he saw Smith “appearing to have sex and thrusting his hips” at the cone.

The station worker contacted British Transport Police who sent an officer who entered the lift and found Smith now on top of the cone still thrusting into it.

Realising he was being watched, Smith pulled his trousers up before being helped to his feet by the officer, who saw white powder around his lower face and what appeared to be further drugs on the lift’s floor.

The court heard Smith said he had been drinking heavily that day, watching football, and that he suffered from diabetes and depression.
Friends had seen he was getting down and gave him white powder, which he believed to be cocaine, but turned out not to be a drug at all.

He said he was heading home on the train and had entered the lift, thinking he was in a locked room and that was all he could remember.

Source: Mirror

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