An 80-year-old man has dragged his 23-year-old fiancée to Iganga Police Station for allegedly refusing to get pregnant for him after spending ‘a lot of money’ on her.

Mr Eriasa Kakaire, a known businessman and resident of Nabidonga Village in Iganga Municipality, who is said to be married with two wives and children, on Saturday paraded Fauza Nabirye before Mr Henry Wandira, the community liaison officer at Iganga Police Station.

The couple is said to have cohabited for two years, after which Nabirye reportedly agreed to fulfil Mr Kakaire’s request of being his wife and bearing him a child.

Daily Monitor, however, learnt that there was no written agreement to this effect. Nabirye is said to have two children from her previous relationship. Mr Kakaire claimed their blissful relationship was initially fun-filled but deteriorated two months ago when Nabirye allegedly fled their home and eloped with her employer, Barak Muwabe, who runs a restaurant in Iganga Town.

“I even got a loan to set up a business for her which collapsed,” Mr Kakaire told Mr Wandira.
He said he was shocked to learn that Nabirye was using contraceptives.
“She was on family planning injections and for the past two years we lived together, she has never conceived as we agreed,” he said.

He further accused Nabirye of fleeing with an assortment of household property which he wants police to recover from her before she returns.
“I want her back but if she cannot return to my house, she should refund the money I spent on her plus the property she ran away with,” he said.
Ms Nabirye, however, said she fled Kakaire’s home because they were not legally married.
“Not everyone who falls in love with you is eligible to be given a child,” she said.

She also denied eloping with Muwabe who was present at the police station and instead accused Kakaire of being quarrelsome.
Drama, however, ensued when Kakaire jolted from his seat and charged at Mr Muwabe but was restrained by police officers.
Mr Muwabe denied eloping with Nabirye, saying he only gave her a job.
“I don’t love her; she is just my employee and I cannot fire her,” he said.

Mr Wandira referred their matter to the probation office and asked Mr Kakaire to remain peaceful and not to be tempted to engage in any acts of violence.

Speaking to Daily Monitor, residents blamed Mr Kakaire for cohabiting with a young lady whose expectations could not match his.
“The man is too old and I think the young woman wanted to mint money from him and not love,” said Ms Amina Tibikoma, a resident in Iganga.
Source: Daily Monitor.

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