Knowing full well the importance of public safety to Nigeria’s national life and economic development, and further recognizing itself as a very important stakeholder in the justice sector, the Nigerian Bar Association’s Section on Public Interest and Development Law (NBA-SPIDEL) is set to up its role of being the ‘conscience of the Nation’ as well as the public Ombudsman on matters pertaining to Civil and Criminal Justice by partnering with the foremost legaltech Solutions provider in Nigeria, LawPavilion, to provide an app intended to spur a radical EASE in the criminal justice system of Nigeria. The one-stop socio-legal yet exciting app will provide an avenue for effective citizen engagement, security intelligence, crime and rights violation tracking, as well as a digital evidence bank for the judiciary.

The NBA-SPIDEL has taken up the responsibility of midwifing the delivery of this new mobile app. The mobile app, JustEase, will be launched at the NBA-SPIDEL Conference scheduled to hold in Abuja between the 4th – 5th of August, 2022.

It is not the first time that the LawPavilion will be positively interfering with the conservative legal status quo with their technological innovations. Having caused a dynamic shift in the legal practice through their LawPavilion Electronic Law Report (LPELR), E-Registry, Court Manager, and Case Manager, it is not unexpected that they have come up with another product that will not only shake the legal space but disrupt the Nigeria Criminal Justice System. According to Mr. Ope Olugasa, the MD/CEO of LawPavilion Business Solutions Ltd, ‘‘the justice system of every society rests on three legs, which are: access to justice, prompt legal service delivery, and effective justice delivery. Our technological solutions are not yet encompassing until we open the channel to access justice to the general public; it is a part of our company’s social responsibility’’.

Continuing, he said as Thomas Hobbes rightly posited that without government, life would be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short; government, in turn, leans on the instrumentality of the Rule of Law and Access to Justice to guarantee the desired safety and protection of citizen’s interest.

Rule of Law and access to Justice are the rudder with which government upholds the sanity in the society. Governance cannot be optimal when citizens are being denied access to justice either because they do not know their rights or are not empowered for effective reporting and monitoring of crimes and violations.

For so long, upholding the Rule of Law and access to justice has been left in the exclusive purview of government and this has undoubtedly been overwhelming. More than ever, there is the need for a collaboration between the public and the government through the framework of citizens driven Community Policing. This collective responsibility for proactive management and monitoring of incidences of crimes and rights violations in the community can be further driven by technology.

All members of the bar and the bench, alongside notable guests, are being invited to grace this history-making event.