A magistrate has been removed from office after she was found to have deliberately withheld ‘important information’ during her application for the role.

Sabrina Malik, of the Southern Derbyshire Local Justice area, told a fellow magistrate she had not disclosed information about a close relative during her most recent application to become a magistrate.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said Malik had not disclosed the information ‘because she thought that the information had resulted in her previous application being unsuccessful’.

The JCIO said Malik knew she was obliged to disclose the information.

In a statement, the JCIO said: ‘Applicants to the magistracy are required to disclose any information that, if it became generally known, might bring the magistracy into disrepute or call into question their standing as a magistrate. This includes information about any close relatives who have criminal convictions. While such information is not automatically a bar to appointment, it must be disclosed.’

The Midlands Region Conduct Advisory Committee recommended Malik should be removed from office.

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