The Nairobi branch of the Law Society of Kenya has set up a Legal Awards Programme to recognize law firms/ legal departments and individual lawyers with outstanding standards of practice and legal service delivery in an effort towards encouraging excellence in practice. The criteria will be based on globally recognized best practice in legal practice and service delivery.

The following are eligible to participate in the Awards:

All lawyers practising in Nairobi and Thika

All law firms with offices/registered practices in Nairobi and Thika

All legal departments with offices in Nairobi and Thika

The nominations are formally open and the nomination of candidates will be through the links below

  1. Lawyer of the year (Female, Male, Young (NLA) –

  1. Pupil master of the year (NLA 2)-

  1. Judicial Officer of the year (NLA 3) –

  1. Registrar of the year (NLA4) –

  1. Public Legal Department of the Year (NLA 7) –

  1. Corporate Legal Department of the Year (NLA 9)-

  1. Large law firm of the year (NLA 6) –

  1. Boutique law firm of the year (NLA 5) –

  1. Medium sized law firm of the year (NLA8)-

  1. Senior lawyer/ Counsel of the Year NLA 10 –

  1. Civil society of the year NLA 11 –


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