I have had the opportunity of working in the law-firm of ‘A. Muoka & Co.’ for more than a decade.

Alex Muoka is a fine gentleman who brings to bear the spirit of distinction in the way and manner he manages our firm.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing Alex Muoka as General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association – for he will bring the much desired unity to our Association.

He has justifiably paid his dues in the run up to this National office from his impressive antecedents as Secretary of the Lagos Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association and Branch Chairman as well.

His sterling qualities have endeared him to friends and colleagues, many of whom speak about him with admiration. A brilliant lawyer and erudite writer, very detailed, highly principled and purpose driven. He takes no prisoners in his resolute determination to succeed.

Therefore, Alex Muoka has all it takes to raise the Nigerian Bar to another level.

Layo Olugbemi
Head of Chambers, A. Muoka & Co

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