The Grundnorm, a law and society online news media will officially open on the 4th of May 2020.

According to Chiny Nworah, the editor of The Grundnorm, law school classes are becoming increasingly influential in the legal profession around the world,thus a need to harmonise different classes together in one platform to encourage inter class interaction. Many law school classes have existed on whatsapp groups and because of the limitations of the number that can be accommodated on a whatsapp group,the classes have been divided into many groups with some people on one group unable to see or interact with others in other groups. is modelled like an online yearbook where one can search for classmates according to year of call.
An important feature of will include a proper documentation of feats and accomplishments of members of each class.

Many classes in the past have had reasons to honour their class members who distinguished themselves in different areas of endeavour but such honour once reported, is forgotten as the newspapers or blogs that reported them face other news.
Chiny said that will document those honours and properly celebrate the honourees as a way of motivating other members of the class. will document the deaths of members of each class with tributes written by members of the class and other people outside the class and the profession. The fallen lawyers will be remembered every year and shall have a right in death not to be forgotten unless, in their life time, they have indicated otherwise.
Other features of the include a listing of profiles of class sponsors. These are influential members of the class who register and renew the subscription of their class. (Classes are expected to list as a class not individually)
Events and activities of each class will be reported. Only those whose class has signed up will be able to sign up.
Once a member of the class sponsors a class,the members of that class can visit to sign up individually.
Chiny concluded that the value the site will bring is like wine. It will get better with age as lawschool classes in the next 10 to 20 years will look back and realise how much their class and class members have contributed to the legal profession, the country and the globe. Of course, they will also look back and remember those who have passed too.

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