The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is seeking to establish an inspectorate to lock out fake lawyers.

Chief executive officer Mercy Wambua Monday said the society has presented proposals to the National Assembly, which, if passed, will allow for creation of the body.

Ms Wambua said that the LSK has also launched a countrywide crackdown on fake lawyers.


“Quacks masquerading as licensed lawyers have been a thorn in the flesh for the LSK. However, we are keen to introduce a number of regulations to keep off imposters. Among the moves are the proposals from our Annual General Meeting last month, which seek to establish an inspectorate to ensure that the legal practice is not infiltrated by quacks,” she said.

“The LSK will not allow imposters to tarnish the good name of our profession. We are currently working with the Land ministry, the private sector, the police and the Judiciary to bring the quacks to book,” she said.


“Imposters bringing the legal profession into disrepute will be apprehended and dealt with as provided for by the law,” she said

Ms Wambua said that they had shared a list of practising, licensed lawyers with their branches countrywide. This, she added, would make it easier to arrest and prosecute imposters.

“We have security officers to track down and arrest quacks in court precincts and outside law courts,” she said.


The society also has a website where it publishes information on the status of its members. It lists lawyers who are dormant or inactive (not certified to practice), suspended, have been struck off the Roll of Advocates and, therefore, not allowed to practice and those who are active and certified to practice

The moves comes amid increasing reports that people posing as lawyers are fleecing the public in different parts of the country.

“The society has also rolled out programmes to make Kenyans aware of the legal fraternity and its operations to help them avoid quacks.

Ms Wambua advised the public to establish whether the person they are dealing with is a licensed advocate.

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