It is uncontroverted that the Bars in Africa all have creatively inspired and iconic logos. From reflecting the soberness of the profession to representing the free spirit of Africa, these logos featured by Courtroom Mail have it all.

Ethiopia Lawyers Association

But can graphic designing of logos ever go overboard? Is it possible to overload a symbol with too many ideas? Can a logo be too basic and boring to interest the average person to want to know more about a body?

Can a logo be scary enough to make people fear or respect a profession? Can a logo be so glamorous that the mere sight of it makes people want to join a professional group?

The logos, which Courtroom Mail has given prominence, from some sub saharan African Bars across the beautiful Mother Continent gives an affirmative answer to all the questions above.

The Law Society of Namibia

Courtroom Mail editors, however, agree that the Logo of the Law Society of Kenya is the most unattractive followed by that of Lesotho and Botwana.

The Law Society of Swaziland

Coming fourth from the bottom is that of Zimbabwe while that of the Ghana Bar is 5th from the the bottom.

Ghana Bar Association

However the editors are unable to agree on which one is the best between the logos of Rwanda Bar Association, The Law Society of Swaziland, Ethiopia Lawyers association and the law society of Namibia.

Nigerian Bar Association

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Readers will now vote to select the winning logo which will be announced later in the month.

Rwanda Bar Association

Just go to the comment section below and name three Bar associations that should be considered the three best. Only comments that suggest three bars will be taken into consideration so if your vote should count,you must suggest not less than or more than three bars.

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