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The NBA –AGC  will be here in some hours. The exhibition stands are already up wooing lawyers . Law Pavilion, an organisation that has taken law practice in Nigeria to the digital generation has put out an interesting story which will see many lawyers queue up to take a professional leap forward in their profession with the Law Pavilion Prime.

The story titled The Brilliant Lawyer and His Oracle is written as follows

The thought of LawPavilion Prime always gets us up in giddy excitement because it is just an amazing software and today, I will dwell a bit on what makes LawPavilion Prime tick and in a class of its own. It surely is a complete departure from the usual electronic legal research.

Permit me to illustrate with a story. Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a powerfully brilliant lawyer who was so good in his area of practice, well respected by colleagues and clients. Everyone knew he had an “oracle of legal divinity” he consulted from time to time and it always worked. Everywhere he went, he was with his precious instrument for divining and rightly dividing the principles of Law. Within a few seconds, he could conjure up numerous authorities and case laws relevant or connected to his case. So vast indeed was his knowledge that he was regarded as a very wise lawyer.

However, as the world moved away from using donkeys and camels as the primary means of transportation, he found it rather tedious to conduct his legal research to prepare for his cases. His usual “oracle” that gave him pointers on issues on Law more often than not could not keep up pace with the new automobiles of Legal Research.

His reputation of being exceptionally brilliant became his Achilles’ heel as several clients expected him to always be on point in his delivery but his reputable and hitherto erudite Oracle of Legal Divinity only gave him myriads of options without being able to pinpoint his best authority on matters. In fact, many times, his Oracle would give him answers and upon opening it, he would find the principles at complete variance with the position of Law that he was positing. He began to have sleepless nights as his wonderful career appeared to be in doldrums!

One day, while aboard the newest automobile, he saw a blazing neon sign in the sky which read “Legal Analytics is what you need”. Legal Analytics? What is that? As if that wasn’t enough, his dependable Oracle would intermittently just throw up words like “precedential value rating”, “related judgments”, “conflicting judgments”, “historical development of jurisprudence”.  This brilliant lawyer was perplexed and decided to go in search of an answer, especially as he could not depend on his Oracle anymore to be his strongest weapon in legal practice warfare.

After travelling several kilometres, he came upon a castle that had several flags flying from its highest towers and a huge crowd of people were in jubilation at his arrival even from a distance. As he drew closer to the castle, he saw the words, “LawPavilion Prime with Legal Analytics – your 21st century Oracle of Legal Divinity”.

As he walked through the huge brass gates of LawPavilion Prime castle, a tablet-like device was placed in his hands and in his eagerness to handle it carefully, he pressed a button inadvertently and lo and behold, a principle of Law that he had been dreaming about came up on the screen of this device with numerous cases listed thereunder.

Thinking it was the same thing like what his old oracle gave him, he tapped on the case and saw a whole new string of words and information telling him that case was not the oldest case on that principle but he saw further down the oldest as well as the newest case. Looking to his right hand side, he saw a blazing notification screaming “conflicting judgments” and there were 3 cases listed thereunder, all from the Supreme Court. A little further down, he saw a notification of related cases. What a revelation! What a relief!! Ah! Finally the brilliant lawyer was back and in his mind’s eye, he saw himself riding into the sunset with throngs of people chanting his name in pure adulation and ecstasy.  He clutched to his tablet-like device as though his very life depended on it as he soaked in all the praise and excitement buzzing around him.

He opened his eyes and found himself clutching the head of his bed as his wife kept tapping him to wake up as he appeared to be experiencing euphoric feelings from his dream. A dream? All that frenzy and excitement was just a mere dream?

Certainly not! LawPavilion Prime is indeed the stuff dreams are made of but it is absolute reality! Want to get your hands on this Oracle of Legal Divinity for the 21st century? Then come visit us at our Exhibition Stand during the 2017 NBA-AGC. It promises to be an unprecedented, exciting and exhilarating experience. We will be glad to see you.

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