The government’s chief legal adviser has made history by becoming the UK’s first cabinet minister to take maternity leave whilst in office.

Attorney general Suella Braverman MP announced on Twitter that she was starting her maternity leave and will become the first ‘minister on leave’. The government quickly rushed through the Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Act 2021 to allow Braverman to take maternity leave, otherwise she would likely have had to resign.

Braverman said: ‘This is a landmark moment for the UK government and I hope it sends the message to young women who are interested in pursuing a career in politics that having a young family isn’t out of bounds to them if they wish to work in senior roles. ‘

Braverman said she looked forward to returning in the autumn.

Solicitor general Michael Ellis QC MP will take over as attorney general while Braverman is on leave. He said: ‘I look forward to working with the many excellent lawyers and officials to play my part in making law and politics work together at the heart of the UK constitution. I wish Suella well on her maternity leave.’

Justice minister Lucy Frazer QC MP has been appointed solicitor general – a role she served in 2019, from 9 May to 25 July. Frazer’s photo no longer appears in the ministerial line-up on the Ministry of Justice’s website. The MoJ said there was no update on who will take over her prisons brief.
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