Chief Justice David Maraga has responded to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s claims that the judiciary is frustrating the war on corruption by issuing ridiculously low bail terms to corruption suspects.

Speaking at a church service in Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, the chief justice said bail is granted on merit depending on evidence before a presiding judge or magistrate.

“Bail is a constitutional right, but even if it is a Constitutional right it is not given just freely. It will depend on other circumstances… So the president is entitled to his own opinion,” said Justice Maraga.

“There is no challenge, there is no small fish there is nobig fish once we have evidence we will deal with those cases, what we are waiting for is the DPP to bring us evidence.”

During his Jamhuri Day speech, the Head of State cautioned the judiciary against giving graft suspects an easy ride, as he expressed his disappointment that graft suspects are using the courts to derail justice.

“Kenyan spirits are dampened when we witness suspects released on ridiculously low bail terms, interference in legislative processes and the use of the court process to delay justice,” said the President.

He challenged the judiciary to be wary of being misused to protect impunity and to curtail the work of investigative agencies.


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