Kano state government has suspended its ban of opposite sexes riding in the same tricycle in the metropolis.

Commander General Kano Hisbah Board, Sheikh Harun Ibn-Sina revealed the suspension on a live program on local radio station Tuesday in Kano.

Sheikh Ibn-Sina stressed that government decision was to enable wider consultation before the enforcement of the law initially plans to take effect from January first 2020.
The CG who disclosed the plan to enforce the ban recently in Kano said the government decided to comply with the principle of Sharia law (Islamic Jurisprudence) as enacted since 2003.

The government plan had since generated mix reactions from diverse background, with a lot of people kicking against the enforcement without due awareness and consideration for due process.

Former Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bishop Ransom Bello expressed reservation on the motive. He opined government should rather tackle insecurity and economic hardship beclouding the national.

An Islamic cleric Shiekh Mohammad Aliyu Yunus of Usman Bin-Anfan Central Mosque in Kano told The Guardian that the law will not necessarily be applicable to non-Muslims.

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