Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo is now the acting Chief Justice, the Judiciary has announced.

Justice Dollo will now hold two portfolios of Deputy Chief Justice and acting Chief Justice, following the retirement and departure of Chief Justice Bart Katureebe at the weekend.

Justice Dollo will hold this portfolio until such a time, when President Museveni appoints a substantive Chief Justice.

“Since the President has not yet appointed my successor, the deputy chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo will be acting from Sunday (yesterday),” a statement of the Judiciary quotes the outgoing CJ Katureebe, adding: “After that, I will not be able to sign anything as chief justice. I have retired and I am going home. I want people to see that you work and go home.”

The Judiciary statement further revealed that a small symbolic handover ceremony will be held today at the Judiciary headquarters to that effect.

Justice Katureebe officially retired on Saturday after clocking the mandatory retirement age of 70.

In his parting words on Friday, which was his last day in office as Chief Justice, Mr Katureebe said he retires satisfied about the achievements he posted in his five-year tenure.

He boosted of having been behind the salary enhancement of judicial officers with now a High Court judge earning Shs23m from Shs9m at the time he was appointed the Judiciary head; the passing of the Administration of the Judiciary law, the commencement of the construction of Supreme Court and Court of Appeal twin-towers and the installation of the Electronic Court Case Management Information System.

He was however, quick to say that more needs to be done particularly about case backlog reduction. Mr Katureebe started his fulfilling legal career 45 years ago as a state attorney in the chambers of Attorney General.

Out of the 45 years, he dedicated 36 years of his time to public service where he served for eight years as state attorney, 13 years as minister/ MP, 15 years in the Judiciary with the last five years as the Chief Justice. He also spent some good years in private practice as an advocate.

Justice Katureebe retires at the time when the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), has already conducted interviews to fill the position of chief of justice. Justice Dollo is among the names that the commission forwarded to the President for consideration.

Other candidates are; Supreme Court justices; Richard Buteera and Esther Kisaakye.

The constitution demands that the Chief Justice is appointed by the President on recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission and with approval of Parliament.

Source: Daily Monitor

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