Two persons are feared dead, while no fewer than 56 suspected criminals are now on the run, when dare devil armed robbers stormed the Owerri High Court premises Friday, and rescued one of their own simply identified as Vampire. Vanguard gathered that the rampaging hoodlums gained entrance into the premises, in a sports utility vehicle, SUV, shot the armed prison official, as soon as the suspects were ready to be moved into the respective courtrooms, where their cases were scheduled for hearing. A lawyer, who was at the scene, as the rescue mission successfully played out, said that the gangsters were fully prepared for the onslaught. “The gangsters were fully prepared for the rescue mission. Their gunshots hit an armed prison personnel and one of the suspects”, the lawyer recalled. Continuing, the lawyer said that there was total confusion in the premises, as the robbers fired sporadically from virtually all corners. “People scampered into safety. Some of the accused persons equally ran away for their life. I ran into the toilet room in the Bar Centre”, the lawyer said.


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