hhLawyers should disregard the false stories being peddled by Muyiwa Olowokure on behalf of the Arthur Obi Okafor Team(AOO Team)

The candidates were never given the list being circulated by  the AOO Team. Independent enquiry on the 25th of August confirmed that ECNBA did not give the said list to AOO Team. It is therefore apparent that the said list was manufactured and/fabricated by the AOO Team in an attempt to discredit the electoral victory of Paul Usoro.

It is also noteworthy that AOO withdrew from the elections vide a letter signed by the same Muyiwa Olowokure. It is elementary law that a person who has withdrawn from an election cannot challenge the outcome as he is not a candidate at the election.

The election was by secret ballot and the Paul Usoro team(PU Team) cannot determine the specific lawyers that voted for PUSAN(Paul Usoro SAN). We wonder at how the AOO Team claims to know who voted for particular candidates.

The elections are over and the will of the majority of lawyers must be respected. The NBA is greater than us all and no one should tarnish the good reputation of the NBA.

Paul Usoro has declared his intention to work with the other candidates and all NBA members. I urge the AOO Team to accept this olive branch in the best interest of the Bar. See you at the  AGC 2018

Anthony Atata

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