All lawyers in Ikot Ekpene branch of the Nigerian Bar Association have been disqualified from participating in the 2018 elections of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Barely 20 minutes to the election,so many lawyers who participated in the verification process across the country  are yet to find their names on the  list of verified voters.

Ikot Ekpene is the birth place of one of the presidential candidates in the election Mr Paul Usoro SAN and he has a 100% support from the branch.

The Chairman of the branch has sent a letter to the ECNBA and has sent someone to Abuja to meet with the election committee on behalf of the branch..

Gombe branch of the NBA is faced with almost a similar situation as more than 50% of members were disqualified from the verified list.

As the election begins this morning with a lot of complaint and suspicion, the ECNBA needs to work really hard to clear the seeming impression of bias mounting across the country.

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