Back in 2017, Mississippi police officer Kenny Bryant sued R. Kelly, claiming the disgraced singer’s affair with his wife, Asia Childress, ruined his life.

The case is still ongoing, but Bryant is seeking for the judge overseeing the case to step down. According to court documents obtained by The Blast filed back in January, Circuit Judge Adrienne Wooten filed a recusal order stating she’s granting Bryant’s motion and will recuse herself from the case due to her prior knowledge of the alleged affair.

Bryant says he and Wooten discussed “the affair he claimed that his then-wife was having with R. Kelly, the likely divorce, and whether she would represent him in that divorce, and if he had a cause of action against R. Kelly.”
Wooten was originally assigned to the case after the previous judge retired during the proceedings.

Kenny Bryant sued R. Kelly, accusing him of carrying on an affair with his wife and ruining both his marriage and life. Mississippi is one of only a few states that allows a person to sue another for breaking up a marriage.

Bryant married Childress in 2012, and admits he knew she had a relationship with the singer prior to their marriage but was told it was over. He says the marriage was going well until Kelly inserted himself into the picture again.


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