Easter Sunday being the culmination of the Holy Week marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and redemption for mankind from the darkness of sin.This event also signifies the finest manifestation of divine love in sacrifice and death of Jesus on the Cross as a ransom for many.

This year’s socially distant Easter Celebration underlines the complexity of the time we are in. There is palpable fear at home and abroad as a pandemic ravages the world. Yet it is for a time like this that the message of Easter is at its potent best: that after the passion and death came the resurrection. Disease, pain, suffering and despair may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. This is the essence of this season. This is the reason to embrace and manifest with joy at all times the virtues of love, hope and peace as well as forgiveness, courage, self sacrifice and humility, all of which Jesus Christ epitomised.

As we commemorate the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death I urge all Christians to let the love of Christ for humanity shine through in this trying time and always in everything we do and say. I encourage us all to hold on to the hope that no matter the challenges we face the grace of God is sufficient to see us through. The virtues of Easter must guide us to love ourselves and love our neighbors by keeping the pandemic at bay. They must guide us too to reach out to the sick and the less fortunate in every reasonable way we can; while always obeying the directives of government and health authorities to maintain strict personal hygiene, keep social distance, stay home and stay safe.

I wish us all the choicest blessings of Easter.

*Notary Public
*Former National Treasurer, NBA 2012-2014.

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