My warmest regards and felicitations to the Premier bar where I belong and more particularly my special wishes to the Chairman, Executive Committee and all Members of the branch not forgetting the young lawyers who have also contributed immensely to the growth of the premier bar.

On this occasion of our Red Themed Meeting holding today, Monday 10th February, 2020 at City Hall, Lagos Island, Lagos, I am confident that the love and oneness that has characterized the premier bar from it’s inception will continue to find expression amongst us.

The calibre of speakers and the topic of today’s knowledge sharing session “Secured Transaction in Moveable Assets Act 2017” is indicative of our resolve to be more efficient in this dynamic and complicated business environment we find ourselves. I am beyond confident that the knowledge sharing session will bring us to speed on the realities encountered in Transactions in Moveable Assets vis-a-vis the Act.

As we celebrate this season of love. Let’s not forget to also reach out to those our little act of kindness can bring laughter to at this season.

I am always proud to belong and be associated to this great premier bar.

I once more congratulate and celebrate all Members of the premier bar and also the young lawyers who are part of this Red themed meeting, that our celebration of love will never cease and wish us all a robust deliberation.

Long live the Premier Bar.

Notary Public
Former National Treasurer, NBA 2012-2014
Social Secretary, NBA Lagos, 2009-2011.
Publicity Secretary, NBA Lagos, 2007-2009.
1st Asst. Secretary, NBA Lagos, 2000-2002

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