Chidozie Okoro is a Lagos based Lawyer

Reactions are still coming in ,in  respect of the face off between Senator Bisau and the Nigerian Police Force.Many prominent lawyers are commenting on the legality of declaring Senator a deserter.

A Lagos based Lawyer ,Okoro Chidozie  comments as follows on the trending issue.

It is wrong for the Police to declare Senator Bisau a deserter after he purportedly resigned and went ahead to contest and win election as a Senator, you can not force an unwilling employee on an employer , as long as the Senator who brought up the issues of corruption against the IG of Police complied with the requirement of serving his resignation letter and paying a month salary in lieu of notice  to disengage from the police , he is no longer under their employment

There’s absolute power to resign and no discretion to refuse to accept notice of resignation-see the case of Adeyemi v Abogunde (2004) CA

By the way has the  Police been crediting his salary account since he served the his resignation letter?

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