Police in Oyam District are investigating a case in which a 28-year old inmate killed a prison wardress on Friday morning. 
It is alleged that Benson Adupa who has been serving a 10-year jail sentence after he was convicted of his wife’s murder, attacked Christine Abonyo, 58, at around 6am.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr David Ongom said Abonyo was roll calling the inmates at the kitchen where they pick their food from before Adupa picked an axe and attacked her on the head.
Police said Adupa was arrested and an axe recovered from the crime scene as an exhibit.

“The scene was examined by detectives from Oyam District and all the required evidence was gathered,” Mr Ongom said. 
However, the Uganda Prison Service spokesperson, Mr Frank Baine told Daily Monitor on Friday afternoon that a week ago; the convict was deployed to work in a kitchen and was recently removed. 
“I think he was angered by the fact that he was removed from the kitchen. So today morning, he picked an axe and waylaid our staff who was on duty,” Mr Baine said. 

After committing the offence, Mr Baine said Adupa climbed a mango tree but was later ordered to climb down by security team that was pursuing him. 
“It was not until the police and prison officers threatened to shoot him that he climbed down and surrendered,” he said. 
According to records from the prison authority, the convict had only three years to be released. 
Mr Baine said Adupa appeared at Lira High court and has been remanded.

“We cannot keep him. He has been remanded and anytime if the transport is available he will be transferred to Gulu Government Prison. Since his previous sentence is still remaining, he will be facing another trial of murder after six months,” he said.

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