Mr. Mills Orlu Mills is a young lawyer based in Akure and the Secretary of the Akure branch of the Young Lawyers’ Forum. He was attacked by armed robbers in the night of the 29th of April, 2019. He suffered several bullet wounds and deep cuts were inflicted on him by the daredevil armed robbers. Good news is that Mr. Mills survived the robbery attack.

The NBA president, Paul Usoro, SAN on hearing the news reached out to the Chairman of NBA Port Harcourt branch, Mr. Sylvester Adaka, who immediately paid a visit to our dear colleague in the hospital and followed up with the treatment.

The NBA President was also in constant touch with the Chairman of NBA Akure Branch, Mr. Ola Daniel Ola, who in conjunction with members of his branch had already taken proactive steps in making provisions for the emergency treatment of our colleague.

With the contributions/interventions of the NBA President and members of the Bar to enable a successful surgery, we are pleased to inform members that the first surgery done on our colleague was successful and there is a great hope that he will be fine.

The NBA remains in constant touch with Mr. Orlu Mills who conveys his gratitude to Nigerian lawyers.

The NBA President, commends all lawyers (including the leadership of the Young Lawyers’ Forum) that have contributed and prayed for the survival and quick healing of Mr. Mills Orlu Mills.

We are also hopeful that the efforts of the law enforcement agencies in apprehending the perpetrators of this heinous crime shall be fruitful. The NBA shall continue to collaborate with the Police in this regard.

Kunle Edun
National Publicity Secretary, NBA.

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