Ikeazor Akaraiwe

Ikeazor Akaraiwe a former Vice President of the Nigerian Bar association and Former Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association,Enugu has rededicated himself to the true values  and tenets of the Nigerian Bar Association on his birthday. In a post which was made on facebook, thanking all his well wishers on the occasion of his birthday,he wrote

Rededicating myself to the Conceptual Definition of the Nigerian Bar Association

  1. I thank you all most sincerely for the avalanche of goodwill and birthday greetings to mark my birthday yesterday. On Facebook where as a rule I did not disclose my birthday, and other social media outlets, the goodwill was infectious. After deep reflection, I utilise this occasion of my 55th birthday to rededicate the rest of my life (together with other likeminded) towards bringing into reality the Conceptual Definition of the Nigerian Bar Association, which is: “To be at the Vanguard for the Promotion and Defence of the Rule of Law, Good Governance, Social Justice and the Dignity of all Persons.”
  2. In addition, I commit myself to the Vision and Mission of the NBA “To rank among the foremost Bar Associations in the world” and “To use the Law as an instrument for Social Change” respectively being tributaries of the Conceptual Definition as above stated.
  3. The imperative of dedicating myself to these ideals is perhaps, underscored by my having exceeded the life expectancy in Nigeria, placed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2015 at 53.4 for males, 55.6 for females, it is 55.6, and 54.5 average; with Nigeria placed at a world ranking of no. 171 by one year only!
  4. For a country which for about 50 years was the sixth highest producer of the one-time enviable light crude oil to have a life expectancy standing at No. 171 worldwide encapsulates the dire emergency condition of this blessed but deeply hurting nation, and attests to the urgent imperative for proactive and dispassionate pursuit of the NBA Conceptual Definition, Mission and Vision by virtue of our calling as advocates, and therefore major instruments of social change.


By my hand this 30th day of August

Ikeazor (Kizor) Akaraiwe

Enugu, Nigeria


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