Mr. Ifeanyi Agwuncha has declared full support for Dr. Rapulu Nduka’s candidacy for the office of Publicity Secretary of the NBA. His full statement endorsing the proven and passionate Bar man reads:

Rebranded Bar an apt summary of his proposition as the Publicity Secretary of our noble Association of Lawyers.

He is concerned about the uplift of the image of the Bar amongst the comity of Lawyers and the citizenry beyond the legal community.

His manifesto and profile tickle my fancy. His academic standing and most importantly the fact he is no greenhorn, especially having performed excellently in this role at the Branch level, adds to his no mean resume and stands him out as the most fitting for the role of the Publicity Secretary of NBA.

Dearest Colleagues spare some time and go through his profile and manifesto, you will assuredly see reasons with me why we need Dr. Rapulu Nduka as the Publicity Secretary.

I urge you with humility to vote him in as the Publicity Secretary, it is a decision I without hesitation say you will never regret!

{See Profile of Dr. Rapulu Ernest Nduka}

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