“May God Forgive me for my sins”, says a UTH Nurse”

“I used to swap babies at UTH for fun”!, she confessed on Monday in her sick bed.
“I have terminal cancer and I know I will be dying soon. I wish to confess my sins before God and before all the affected people especially those who were giving birth at UTH during my service. I have found God, Ia, now born again. I have nothing to hide, In the 12 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH, I swapped close to 5000 babies”, she said.

“If you were born in UTH between the years 1983 to 1995 chances are your parents may not be your biological parents. I had developed a habbit of swapping newly born babies just for fun.

So take a good look at your siblings, if for example everyone is light and you are darkie… you are that child and I am really sorry for that”

“I know I sinned against God and may he forgve me for that. I am also asking Zambians to forgive me for the evil things I was doing to innocent children. I have caused some faithful couples to divorce after going for DNA Tests. Its now that I have realised I was just being used by a demon to do that. I have causeed many mothers to breastfeed children who are not theirs biologically. I dont want to go to Hell for that, Am really sorry I have sinned alot. Please forgive me.”, said Sister Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa.

Credits: The Zambian Observer.

1 thought on “I Swapped Close To 5,000 Babies In 12 Years I Worked In The Maternity Ward At UTH – Elizabeth Mwewa

  1. God will surely judge.the destruction is beyond swapping.
    Imagine the damages and untold pains this has become to parents,especially a mother who knew she never did wrong but can not explain how she gat a wrong baby nd has been driven from her marital home.
    We rarely here women going for DNA test because 99.999% of them believes the child handed over to them at berth is theirs!
    What an agonyl.

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