This is neither a campaign post nor are you obliged to read it, but I hope you do. I met Allen in 2013 as I was waiting to join KSL, where he promptly rejected my application for an internship position. Fast-forward to 2014, and he gives me a pupillage position.

7 months into 2015 and a lot of Commercial & Conveyancing work later, Allen offered me a holding over opportunity in the litigation department. Yes, because I had done excellent work in Commercial & Conveyancing, uhm, he offered me a position in the Litigation Department. One of these days, over a nice single malt, I’ll ask him to explain that logic to me. Here are my 3 reasons for supporting him, and no working with him is not one of them.

He listens and acts. After we had the pupillage salary fight, instead of being told to appreciate the opportunity to learn under someone of his stature, I was asked for comparative statistics. Long and short of it, armed with data the peanuts grew into a bag of mixed nuts.

He mentors. Trainings, consultations, litigation templates, past CPD papers, articles, and his personal library are all made available. Many of you who’ve ever consulted me or asked for a template are beneficiaries too. His willingness to freely share knowledge and assist colleagues have been invaluable resources. Now I need to get him to be as generous with the 21-year-old single malts grateful clients have flooded his cabinets with.

He helps young advocates grow; I’ve worked in many places and only in one has my boss called me at the start of a new year to demand I use his money to further my professional education.

If this is not the best person to run our professional society, then I don’t know who is.


Emmanuel Mueke.

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