This piece is written sequel to a query by a respected member of the NBA Okitipupa Branch to as a matter of necessity make members of NBA aware of how our Association utilises our collective patrimony.

To start with, our collective patrimony includes monies from a) practising fee; b) surpluses from Annual General Conference; c) rent from NBA House in Lagos and Abuja (upon completion of the Abuja house and upon full renovation of the Alao Aka Bashorun House in Victoria Island, Lagos State); d) donations from organisations (MacArthur foundation etc), e) donations from members and f) over-subscription from members etc

Now to how the NBA utilises our collective patrimony;

Our collective patrimony is spent on Branches as 10% of the 90% received from the Supreme Court (the custodian of the Practising fee account) are shared to the Branches while the NBA keeps the remaining 90%. As a matter of fact Branches’ remittance was reviewed upward to 20% by the NBA Constitution, 2015 but it remains unclear if the branches now receive 20%.

The remaider is spent on a) hosting of NBA NEC meetings (which are held four times in a year March, May/June, August and November respectively); b) maintenance of the NBA National Secretariat; c) travelling by NBA officials (local and foreign); d) payment of salaries to NBA staffs; e) donations to NBA Branches; f) donations to sister organisations such as FIDA, AWLA etc, g) donation to members who are in distress etc; h) purchase of items for the use of the NBA National Secretariat’s; i) hosting of officials of visiting sister organisations (IBA etc) and j) subscriptions to Sections and Fora; and k) incidental expenses.

A careful perusal of the Auditor’s report (the NBA Auditors from 2016 is PWC) which report is presented at the NBA AGM every year during the AGC will show the items listed above correlate with the said Audit report.

Thank you.

Adebola Olarotimi Lema
Secretary NBA Lagos Branch 2014-2015