A Sharia Court ll sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, on Tuesday, ordered that a housewife, Karima Hama, be remanded in prison for allegedly calling her neighbour a “prostitute.”

The complainant, Ms. Jamila Sa’idu, 26, dragged Hama to court for allegedly calling her derogatory names. The judge, Musa Sa’ad-Goma, gave the order, pending when the defendant’s husband would appear in court to perfect her bail conditions. Sa’ad-Goma adjourned the case until May 21 for further hearing. Earlier, Sa’idu, who lives in Hayin Banki, Kaduna, told the court that Hama insulted her over a little misunderstanding.

“Every time we have a disagreement, she calls me pig, a prostitute. I am tired of the insults from her.” “I reported the matter to our caretaker, but Hama continued to call me pig and prostitute whenever we have misunderstanding,” she told the court. The defendant, Hama, 25, admitted the charge leveled against her. “She also calls me stupid and irresponsible woman whenever we quarrel,” Hama said. 

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