Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother Tony Rodham died on Friday night, the politician announced.

“It’s hard to find words, my mind is flooded with memories of him today,” Clinton tweeted Saturday. “When he walked into a room he’d light it up with laughter.

“He was kind, generous, & a wonderful husband to Megan & father to Zach, Simon, & Fiona. We’ll miss him very much.”

The cause of death was not immediately known.

Rodham, born in 1954, was a businessman who worked for the Democratic National Committee in 1992, during his brother-in-law’s first presidential campaign.
He was involved in several scandals over the next three decades as he repeatedly tried to parlay his sister’s status for personal gain.

In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security exposed his efforts to wheedle visa approvals from the agency while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state under then-President Barack Obama.

Rodham and longtime Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe were partners in an electric car company, GreenTech Automotive. It was funded by Chinese nationals who were promised green cards in exchange for their investments.
During Bill Clinton’s second term in office, Tony Rodham wrangled a presidential pardon for a pair of Tennessee carnival operators who had been convicted of bank fraud — after Rodham received $325,000 worth of loans from the couple, Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory.

Source: New York Post.

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