I have known Dr Ajibade, SAN for 10 years. He is one of the most respected legal practitioners in Nigeria. I was excited to hear of his candidacy for the presidency of our professional association. Dr Ajibade, SAN, in my opinion,  is the kind of leader NBA needs today.  He is professional,  intellectually astute, humble and reform-oriented. 

In a world in which integrity has become a scarce commodity,  Dr Ajibade, SAN has been able to maintain his impeccable reputation over the years. 

It has been suggested that in-house counsel are likely to support a candidate who is not a senior advocate. I don’t think that in electing the president of the Bar, the title that a candidate bears should be of any consequence. The focus should be on the character and ability of those who have offered themselves to serve the Bar. 

I have looked at all the candidates and have no doubt that Dr Ajibade, SAN is the best for the Bar at the moment. 

I unreservedly endorse him as president of the NBA.

Head, Legal & Corporate Governance,
Jumia Group