Heidi Chiswell lost her temper during dinner with Peter Hawkins, 70, and smashed his plate when she tipped the stew onto his head.

Peter Hawkins called 999 and reported Ms Chiswell but the couple made up in the minutes police took to arrive at their home in Dunmow, Essex.
Both Mr Hawkins and Ms Chiswell were asked to give statements to Essex police and Ms Chiswell has now been summoned to court and charged with assault.
Mr Hawkins was uninjured and told police he did not want to press charges but the grandmother of six will attend court on March 5.
The retired customs officer said: ‘It was a bit of shock getting my dinner tipped over my head and the plate broke when she did it but, surely, the police have better things to do.

‘I wished to God I’d never called them now. I’m unharmed and all I want is them to stop hounding poor Heidi.’

Ms Chiswell will be ‘dragged to court like a criminal for rows couples have every day’ and police should focus on more serious crimes, according to the couple.

The retired interpreter, said: ‘People are running around stabbing each other yet the police come after me for assault with a deadly casserole — it’s ridiculous.’
Ms Chiswell will appear in front of Colchester JPs next month.

Daily Mail.

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