Listing has been opened for Nigerian and Kenyan lawyers in the first phase of the biggest and most interactive lawyers listing for African Lawyers. Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana and Botswana will follow. The consolidated listing built and hosted on courtroom will encourage both social and professional interaction among lawyers in Sub Sahara Africa.

The listing which is the first of its kind will also provide an e-platform where non-lawyers and organisations can reach out to lawyers for their legal needs. This will usher lawyers into the new reality of doing business by professionals.

The listing is free and open to all lawyers practicing in Africa. It will display images of lawyers and three areas of competence making it possible for visitors to the website to search for lawyers by areas of competence or Country of Practice. Lawyers will also have the opportunity of posting articles on the website in their areas of competence.   Sign up and join other African Lawyers 


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