The 2022 George Etomi Courtroom Mail Business Law quiz has opened.

It is open to all young lawyers in Nigeria who are 7years post call and below. ( Anyone called in 2016 and later)

The prize is supported by one of Nigeria’s top business Lawyer and the first chairman of Nigerian Bar Association-Section on business law( SBL) ,Mr George Etomi.

Participants are expected to answer in four stages at four different dates ( Saturdays at 8am).
A participant is expected to login or sign up for free on and answer the questions. The questions will be answered on the comment section.

The first question which is already posted is the registration question. Anyone who answers it either correctly or not is deemed to have registered for the quiz and will be qualified for the 2nd stage. The second stage question(s) will be posted at 8am on saturday 8th of October 2022. The first half of the participants who get the correct answer will move to stage 3 which will be posted at 8am on saturday 15th of October. Half of the participants who get the correct answer will compete in the finals . The final question will be posted at 8am on saturday 22nd of October 2022 and the winner gets N100,000.

NB. Only those who answered the registration question can participate all levels of the competition. A person cannot join after that or half way into the quiz.

If a person posts two answers,the first answer will be taken into consideration.

Which regulator oversees the registration of Aircraft in Nigeria.

  1. Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria ( FAAN)
  2. Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)
  3. Nigerian Aviation handling company( NAHCO)

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