George Etomi Courtroom Mail Business Law Prize 2019 opens for young lawyers who are 7 years and below post call. (Those called from 2012 to 2019)

The quiz initiated by Courtroom Mail and sponsored by Mr George Etomi aims at promoting and rewarding the knowledge of business Law among young lawyers in Nigeria.
The winner will receive a N100,000.00 (Hundred thousand Naira) worth of business and commercial law books.
Participants are expected to register free of charge by answering the first simple question known as registration question or Question 1 on our Quiz Hall menu from the 23rd of April to 30th of April 2019.Anyone who answers that question 1 is deemed to have registered for the competition.
The competition and elimination process will begin on Saturday 4th of May where the next question (Question 2) will be posted at 8am and the first 30 participants to post the correct answer will qualify for the next stage on the 11th of May when another question (Question 3) will be posted at 8am and the first 10 participants to post the correct answer will emerge to compete at the finals.
The finals will hold on the 18th of May with the final question that will be posted at 8am. The first person to answer correctly will become the winner of the 2019 George Etomi Courtroom Mail Business Law Prize.

Mr. George Etomi FNIALS, NPOM (Principal Partner)
George is a distinguished transaction lawyer regularly consulted by multinational companies and top government agencies. He was closely involved in acting for the first mobile telephone service in the country and advises major foreign airlines operating in Nigeria. He has extensive experience in commercial transactions, spanning Arbitration and other ADR methods, Aviation, Building and Construction, Banking and Finance, Energy and Natural Resources. He has represented clients on a variety of corporate and commercial matters including public and private offerings, privatisation and major project finance transactions.
Mr. Etomi also has a special interest in the Energy and Natural Resources field and is a member of Center for Petroleum Law Research [CPLR]. He has worked over the years with numerous multinational oil companies. In the power sector space, he supported power investors during the acquisition and concession of Successor Companies in the Nigerian power privatisation process and provided high-level legal advisory services to the Government and core investors alike throughout the several stages of the privatisation process. Mr. Etomi is a Director on the Board of one of the top performing Utilities in Nigeria where he serves as the Committee Chairman of The Board Legal, Corporate Governance and Regulatory Affairs Committee.
Mr. Etomi is the first past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Section on Business Law and recently, the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies named a centre after him: “The George Etomi Centre for Strategic Investment and Corporate Governance”. Mr. Etomi has also been given a Professorial Chair at the Institute. In 2016 George Etomi was appointed a member of the Body of Benchers, the highest regulatory body of the legal profession in Nigeria. He is a regular facilitator at global business conferences.

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